Stay Inspired With A Quote Journal

If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.
— Albert Einstein
Stay Inspired With A Quote Journal

Stay Inspired With A Quote Journal

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GUEST POST: Emma is a writer for the Invaluable blog, where she strives to constantly inspire creatives. In her spare time she can be found cuddled up with her two cats or writing her latest creative writing piece.

Every artist or creative knows the feeling: you've been working hard on a project or an idea, it all seems great, like the best idea you've ever had, until suddenly you hit a wall. There are special terms for this sometimes, like writer's block, but other times it really feels like a dry period in which you cannot come up with a single good idea or solution to a problem.

Though each person may have their own way of dealing with a creative block, often it's the right spark of inspiration that can help people out. But creating or finding inspiration isn't always easy. Sometimes it helps to look at similar creative works or talk out ideas with a friend, but sometimes a friend isn't always available to brainstorm. That's why a quote journal filled with your favourite sayings from fellow creatives is a great alternative when a friend can't chat or you can't find something new to inspire you.

First, find a journal that inspires you, be it with high-quality paper or a fancy cover. Make sure it's blank, so you can dedicate the entire journal to inspiring quotes only. Then, as soon as you get it, dedicate time to filling out the very first page with a few of your favourite quotes. Be sure to do this right away, as you don't want to be caught later on when you're facing a creative block, in need of quick inspiration.

If you get your journal and don't have any quotes off the top of your head, look to creativity quotes like these from Invaluable for a starting point. Try to pick quotes that relate to your creative outlet or that inspire you. It helps to find quotes from people in your field, as then you are hearing from people who have gone through the same things you have. Plus, then you are setting yourself to receive regular wisdom from the greats themselves!

While it may not seem immediately effective, even just the act of writing a new quote down can be inspiring. Keep a running list on hand, always keeping your quote journal with you. You don't have to just write down words from the greats but also can write down the encouraging things a friend once told you or positive feedback you received from a mentor to stay inspired. As you know, inspiration can come from anyone, so be sure to write it down when you find it and save it for next time!

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