The Taste of The Victory Line Had Me Salivating!

Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.
— William James
Photo by  Andrew Yardley  on  Unsplash

I speak to the theme of Action for a reason. In the realm of self-help, self-improvement, or simply being awesome, consumption can kill. Dining on a content buffet will prevent you from ever stepping into your calling.

In wrapping up the Coaching Certification, the taste of the victory line had me salivating. I slurp the well dry when I consume content. I was late to the game with Audiobooks. I love Podcasts. I couldn't fathom breaking the cycle for fear of missing my favourites. Tim Ferriss, This American Life, Planet Money, Reply All, Freakonomics, TED Radio Hour. The point is, my cued content was generally upwards of 90 hours. I'd crush every last second.

Ferriss and his guests recommended books at a pace that left me with a 322 Amazon Wishlist of books. I bought books faster than I could possibly consume them. Some sit on my shelf, untouched from when they first arrived. It was an expensive hobby.

I discovered Audible. I could "read" to my heart's content. According to the Stats page in the Audible app, I've listened to 6 days, 15 hours and 47 minutes since January 2017.

I won't get into the Newsletters I consume on top of this. That's a post in itself.

I had zero problems coming up with ideas, I couldn't write them down fast enough. Between my BulletJournal and Evernote, I have enough to keep me busy a lifetime and then some.

I failed to practice what Tim Ferriss, Kevin Rose, Noah Kagan and others share as keys to being successful. - launch early, learn as you go and adapt. It's impossible to guess specific problems or what promises failure in every case. Test your model and improve. Drop what doesn't work. It's different in every case. Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn and Tim Ferriss put together The Ten Commandments of Startup Success. I share this not to distract you further but an encouragement to fucking start.

I still consume more than most people but I'm okay with that. I'm more selective. I'm conscious of what goes in. I stick with themes and consume with execution in mind. This post was inspired by Noah Kagan's interview with John Arrow, "The Next Elon Musk."

What's one thing I could do today to move my business ahead?

Hold yourself accountable! Shoot me an e-mail and tell me what you're doing. Struggling to come up with something? I'd love to help!