Share Your Highest Contribution With The World

No matter what kind of stuff you tell the world, or tell yourself, your actions reveal your real values. Your actions show you what you actually want.
— Anonymous

There's no shortage of tasks looking to hijack my time. I'm launching a Coaching business while working full-time. Free hours are scarce. Chasing busy work is the equivalent of flying too close to the sun.

I have little difficulty pushing myself hard. I do it often. My mind races, planning the hours left in the day... this needs to get done. My real challenge comes when I need to say no. 

I'm learning to be strategic with my schedule. The Gatekeeper to what's accomplished in a day. I have 5 tasks to complete for 30 consecutive days. Sticking to 5 tasks gives me the ability to be intentional with my actions.

Have I written a blog post for the day? Get your ass off Twitter. Have I meditated? Close the laptop. Did I go for a walk? You best not be checking e-mail. Exercise yet? It's only 7 minutes for a highly effective workout. Write in your Productivity Planner? To make a habit stick, hold yourself accountable.

Protect your schedule. It's the best tool we have for making our highest contribution to the world.

What would happen if you could figure out the one thing that you could do that would make the highest contribution?

Don't just think of how you can contribute to the world, dream it, visualize it. Let's make it happen.

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