How-to Simplify Your Why For Unparalleled Breakthrough!

Courtesty  Justin Luebke  @ Unsplash

Courtesty Justin Luebke @ Unsplash

Knowing your why is a prerequisite to purpose.

In a ship laden with untold fortune, it's darn near tragic when it's absorbed into The Bermuda Triangle. Think of your aspirations tucked away, deeply recessed in a no-man's-land, a spot rarely visited and given little conscious reflection. A place of shimmering abundance at your fingertips, yet ridden with booby traps, making even Indiana reluctant. Just as X marks the spot, your own route is forged through adventure and exploration. We're hunting for X, without it, we're lost. There's an inevitable curse with a man without a mission. He needs a why to guide him. What's the value of learning your port and starboard if you're sailing without purpose on a wide-open sea? Your intentions are meaningful, yet there's an overwhelming feeling of where to start. 

The way to develop decisiveness is to start right where you are, with the very next question you face.
— Napoleon Hill

You live in a peddler's market, imbued with books claiming to own the one and only answer to existence. Tackle your morning routine, gulp a smoothie in the morning, be fluent in Spanish, oh, and bury these magic beans. When we picture good ol' Jack, he had the basic task of taking his cow to market, sell it, and return home with food. Spoiler alert - Jack abandoned the plan. Jack is charmed with an elegant harp, gold coins and a goose that turns golden eggs. Humans are lousy at making decisions when flooded with too many choices. Choosing nothing becomes the simple solution.  It beats a rash decision "I should invest my life savings in Snuggies - everyone needs a Snuggie." Indecisiveness is human nature so don't be discouraged. Jack had to decide. He based his decision on what he craved, not why he needed it. 

Courtesty  M  arius Fiskum  @ Unsplash

Courtesty Marius Fiskum @ Unsplash

Failure is your friend.

If you're floating in the outlying, wondering when you'll hit the bullseye, time is daunting. You need a starting point. The question you're faced with is blinding after you answer. An honest answer will change your life. Every day is split into hundreds (even thousands) of tiny choices that organize your day. Every single one of these choices carries resonance in your higher purpose. When you visualize simplicity, it applies to every facet of your way of life. The frustrating reality of enthusiasm takes place when you attempt to capitalize on your newfound emotion. Feelings are short lived. They're impossible to rely on. Hence the discouragement that emerges from an unsatisfactory end. Is that failure? Hell no. Having a strong sense of resilience and grit is what separates the elite.  In order to breakthrough, you need to break-down. Simplicity serves you best for this exercise.

You're going to start with why. Why? I asked myself the same question in creating this blog.
"I want to be the curator of a successful blog."
Nope. That's an outcome but it lacks meaning.
"I want to make money."
Nope. A plus of a successful blog but again it's not a means to an end.
"I love writing."
Now we're on to something!
"I'm helpful in people achieving their goals."
We're inching closer to that why.
"I feel a sense of purpose when I combine writing and a means to facilitate impactful change in others."
Bingo! (This is part of my larger affirmation)

Courtesty  Catherine McMahon    @ Unsplash

Courtesty Catherine McMahon @ Unsplash

Define your why and experience a lifelong sense of purpose. It gives meaning to your aspirations. Take note of your day, challenge yourself why, is there tasks and plans that don't have a simple why? Jot them down because they're worth probing. Every decision you're presented with becomes an opportunity to align with your why. This is power as you now have a playbook for every challenge imaginable. 

Choose ONE as your Actionable Mission for the week. Commit. You can do anything for a week. Starting with why creates a ripple effect in your life.

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