Go The F*!K To Sleep

Everything could be better. Not because we deserve it (we don’t, not really). But because if we work at it, invest in it and connect with others around it, we can make it better. It’s on us. It’s difficult work, counter-instinctual work that never ends. But we keep trying. Because it’s worth it.
— Seth Godin
put the mind at ease

Go The F*!K To Sleep

The only way of putting the mind at ease is letting go of the desire to want it to be different. My mind seldom knows what it means to be well rested. Thoughts leap from idea to idea. It's exhausting. There's no "Go The Fuck To Sleep" kill switch for a creative brain. There is, however, a lovely children's book by the same name, narrated by Samuel L. Jackson if you click here.

Picture a fire hose flow of never-ending thoughts and ideas. Layered with anxiety, fear, feelings of inadequacy and an inability to be who I want to be, or do I want to do. It's the equivalent of an emotional 7-layer nacho dip. There's a layer or two we're not particularly keen on exploring. I guess it's bean? I'm not sure... but I definitely don't know what the bottom layer is. Do we pass and stick with our naked chip? Not if you're my friend, we're going for a dip. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water. Not the most fitting idiomatic expression but I'm sticking to my guns. The point is, something good is eliminated when trying to get rid of something bad. You have to experience everything, to get anything. Also, there's a reason it's 7 layers, not 3, it's magical when combined. You're probably thinking, my god, this guy is bonkers over dip. I really am. It also serves as a delicious metaphor.

I've come to realize, we are who we are. I'm not saying we're stuck, despite the feeling of stuck. Each layer serves a purpose. Keeping us safe. Protecting us. Providing us with a narrative that gives our story less sting. I'm obsessively future focused. It's why I started a daily practice of meditation. I was attempting to start a business, go to school and work full time. I lost sight of why I decided to pursue entrepreneurship in the first place. To spend quality time with family, friends and my partner, on my terms. In essence, I was doing the opposite. I'd cram my days, and always be thinking about what had to get done tomorrow. My idea of chill was listening to Podcasts and Audiobooks from Tech Entrepreneurs.

Knowing who I am allowed me to make a conscious choice before I take on too much. I have a nasty habit of putting immense pressure on myself. And subsequently, reaching out for help. Shout out to Miss Johnson for calling a kid stupid in grade two. Acknowledge the challenges and speak up when you need help. That's leadership.

I find anything carrying a strong aversion calls for a magnifying glass closeup. Knowing I have a habit of taking on too much is a damn good place to start. Generous is a poor word choice in describing a sub from Subway. Three olives on a footlong are heresy. I'm not thrilled by their offering. You might still be providing a product or service but if it's half-assed. We know, and all our friends and colleagues will know.

Multiple projects or being tied to unrealistic expectations is where most of us fizzle out. When we want immediate results and go big or go home outcomes, we limit ourselves to a certain set of rules. Rules when it comes to leadership and innovation keep people and companies in boxes. Our ability to invent and explore ideas are confined to four walls. Stick with what you know is horrible advice. 

Experiencing transformation (personal and professional) is growth beyond the limits of what we know or think we know. Blind spots exist in all of us. Working with a Coach is one way of exploring what we don't know. It's also a way of diving into the things we don't know because we didn't even know to ask. Elon Musk shared his thoughts on the core-shaking power of questions. He said answers are the easy part but finding the requisite question to bring the answer out? That's the challenging part.

What would you try if you gave yourself permission to fail? Think of an idea free from expectations and specific outcomes.

Start a business? Apply for a job you have no prior experience with? Tell someone you love them? Eat an entire container of 7-layer nacho dip? Go on with your bad ass self and do it. I'm always here for help! chris@simplifyyourwhy.com

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