Today Marks A Fresh Start

To reach your greatest potential you’ll have to fight your greatest fears.
— Uknown
Photo by  Jakob Owens  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

A new start signifier is that little tingle we get when a new thought pops into our head. Thinking afterall is what determines our thoughts. It's what can give us a warped sense of reality. It's also why self care is as important as watching Game of Thrones from the start.

We need a foundation that lays out the story. And my god, it can be complicated. There's a crap ton of backstory that explains today's narrative. Everything you experience, determines how you see and interact with the world. What blind spots do these create in your life? I'd find myself needing to throw in the last word. I felt like I had to prove something. That I was good enough. This was pure ego. Jump on Facebook and bask in the glory of needless battles of opinion. Everyone has an opinion, but the leaders among us "don't say anything, unless you can improve on the silence." Words that Marcus Aurelius wrote in his book of Meditation.

Having failures is inevitable for people like you and me. Growth comes at the expense of leaning into fear. We're taking a risk. But for us, what lies on the other side of fear is everything we've ever wanted.

Perfect is boring. Flaws are uniqueness, change the world needs, from leaders like you. What makes you want to improve? What moves you? What drives you? What's something you wouldn't dare smash the alarm because you wouldn't miss it for the world?

I have a desire to help leaders dig deep into who they are, why they do what they do, what they want and how they're going to get it. So they can make the change they seek to make in the world. Today marks the first day this is my full-time gig. Any advice?

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