Change Your Thinking. Change Your Life.

Often what stands in the way of implementing change is the inability to see things beyond what they’ve always been in the past.
— Peter Hutton
Photo by  Matt Palmer  on  Unsplash

Photo by Matt Palmer on Unsplash

I grew up with a black and white TV. My parents realized they had a problem on their hands. Even Burt and Ernie couldn't make grey look yellow. Who knew there could be so many variances of grey. Each as dull and boring as the last. Owning a colour TV became a priority. A new world shimmered in vibrant glory, all my Sesame Street friends dancing in shades of the rainbow.

Past perceptions that had shaped my awareness and understanding were quickly challenged and replaced. Our lives are constant tests of what we perceive the world to be, compared to the experiences that have shaped them.

We have a tendency to become less adaptive as we age. Unimaginative curriculums and boring jobs tend to kill our desire to be inquisitive. We forget the magic of a curious mind, our answers to life's problems sound combative, resorting to I know, or you're wrong.

If you find yourself resistant to an idea or person, try asking yourself, Why am I acting this way? Or in the case of disagreeing with an opinion What is it, I can learn from this person?

We have to ask ourselves, are those thoughts that are currently in place helping us reach the goals that we want? And if they’re not, how do we change them?

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