How To Banish Worry From Your Day

He who suffers before it is necessary suffers more than is necessary.
— Seneca
Photo by  HB Mertz  on  Unsplash

Photo by HB Mertz on Unsplash

Mindfulness has an aura of ease associated with the practice. Or so I'm led to believe. Giving way to frustration when it feels so damn challenging. I spend more time worrying about being present than being present. My thoughts ebb and flow through what's on my mind and the task at hand. Focusing on what we can't control is enough to drive a sane man mad.

Find solace in the words of Dale Carnegie - From Now Until Bedtime.

You and I are standing this very second at the meeting place of two eternities: the vast past has endured forever and the future that is plunging on to the last sylable of recorded time. We can’t possibly live in either of those eternities - no, not even for one split second. But, by trying to do so, we can wreck both our bodies and our minds. So let’s be content to live the only time we can possibly live: from now now until bedtime.
— Dale Carnegie