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Why are we giving this particular workbook away for free?

There are a few reasons. One is that I know what it feels like to be exhausted. The thought of even washing your dishes brings on enough overwhelm to push you over the edge where you want to crawl back into bed, throw the sheets over your head and call it a day. Like how the hell are you supposed to keep up with everything you need to do without the energy to even scrub a plate?

And yet other times you've experienced those days where you feel like you're on fire. The energy seems endless. You finish what you set out to do, rock a gym session, clean up the kitchen, have coffee with a friend, spend time with your family and even get in some meditation. You wish every day could feel this good. But you feel lost on how to turn that into a repeatable process.

Since I can't actually be there with you right now, to hear your story and offer coaching, I'd like to share the workbook, exercises, strategies, and a step-by-step approach to help you put everything in place. Did I mention it's real purdy too? It's designed to give you the immediate benefit of assessing your energy and what practices will let you design a life you don't need to escape from, through daily rituals.

Instead of waking up and hoping you have the energy to breeze through your day, you can learn to set yourself up for success. 

With a demanding role, important decisions to be made and people who count on you, showing up with the energy you know you’re capable of delivering is a must. This is possible without tricks, hacks and sacrificing your sanity. It doesn't even involve a long list of things you should be doing but you're not. It's about enriching your life with the ideas, principles and rituals that are like guzzling a superfood smoothie for your business and life. These are what we share every week through Simplify Sundays. The newsletter is lovingly curated with added boosters to throw in your smoothie to keep you inspired, motivated, and connected to other entrepreneurs and people who are changing the world just like you.

Here’s what a few people have told us (and yes, one of them is my Mom):

Hey Chris, I’ve been reading everything that comes my way and slowly trying to implement some change in my life. I’ve always been a hard ass and hard-headed. Obviously not the best qualities for a friction-free life. I think I’m winning the battle and starting to feel whole again. I’m taking baby steps to make big changes. I’ve never once asked myself what I want. I’m programmed to provide for others no matter the cost. Don’t get me wrong, I love my wife and kids, hands down the best thing that ever happened to me. I used to only think of what I needed to do for them, but now I’m going to include me. Simple shit like a bike ride after dinner, easy stuff that makes me relax. I never found time to do that in fifteen years, sounds stupid but it’s the truth. There is always something that needs to be done. I’m going to put things off a little, hopefully, it won’t bother me. I’m not used to doing that so it may be a challenge. Thanks again and talk soon.
— Nick Conway (Social Worker Burlington, ON)
Thanks for sending these. I probably didn’t open a single one for the first year, and now I read every one. I think before I didn’t feel that I needed it. Reading that type of content didn’t really interest me for whatever reason. I was more interested in looking at pictures of cars or watching YouTube videos. Starting a company (Home By Nine) gave me focus and the content you were putting out resonated with me more. The other reason and more importantly I can almost guarantee I’ll be able to pull some tidbit (regardless of how small) and apply it to my everyday life. As an added bonus your weekly dose fills my LinkedIn quota for the week. It’s perfect, haha. You’ve helped me a ton with Home By Nine. I’m able to read something that isn’t going to make me dumber, and that is easy to find with your email. I think the Sunday send day is a good way to start my week. For the most part, the internet is filled with complete shit. Facebook albums on high school friends I don’t talk to, and current friends travelling to Greece for the seemingly 6th time this year. It takes an unknowingly significant toll on our brain (which is our most important tool). The newsletter isn’t boring or hard to read. It’s just a great way to start your week with a few articles about an endless variety of topics than can be applied to your own life to make it better.
— Tom Harman (Sales Manager, Danby Appliances, Kitchener, ON)
I reread your blog a couple of times today. It always amazes me the extraordinary amount of work you have done in creating your business, and all that preceded it. Your journey on understanding yourself and what you want from life and also give back to life, your family, friends. Your commitment to your routine in every aspect, physical, emotional, spiritual is inspirational, Chris. I learn something from you every time I see you, or read something you have written, or whenever you share an idea or new podcast. You are an extraordinary person.
— Mom (Thanks Mom, your fiver is in the mail.)

If you want to feel like you are truly performing at your best, and live a life where your most important things are where you're actually spending your time, then I want to support you in getting there.

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