Simplify Your Why

This Moment, The One We Have Right Now, Is The Chance Of A Lifetime. I'm Not Interested In Wasting it. Are you?


    If you’re working on something important, then you’ll never feel ready. A side effect of doing challenging work is that you’re pulled by excitement and pushed by confusion at the same time.

    You’re bound to feel uncertain, unprepared, and unqualified. But let me assure you of this: what you have right now is enough. You can plan, delay, and revise all you want, but trust me, what you have now is enough to start. It doesn't matter if you're trying to start a business, lose weight, write a book, or achieve any number of goals… who you are, what you have, and what you know right now is good enough to get going.

    Sick of having the same thoughts over and over again? I can help.

    • You have a hunch that you're not living up to your full potential yet.
    • You're impatient with the pace of change because you see how much better things could be.
    • You're feeling a little stuck.
    • You’re in the process of figuring out if your current path is right for you.
    • You’re wondering if it’s too late to change.
    • You're feeling the itch for a new adventure.

    You don't need anyone's permission to start living life on your own terms. You start by taking a step. And I promise you, difficult is easy once you Simplify Your Why.

    Simplify, Simplify, and did I mention Simplify?

    By simplifying things as much as possible you progressively start grasping back control over your circumstances. Only in this way can you begin once again building the momentum you need to help move yourself forward toward your goal.

    Leveling up is a choice. Time spent fretting about our status as impostors is time away from dancing with our fear, from leading and from doing work that matters. Through trial and error aka life, I learned a recipe that worked for me. Then, I dismantled that recipe, ingredient by ingredient, and I’ve used it to Coach people how to improve their lives.

    What I’ve learned from several years of Coaching is when more people can turn their dreams into something great, we’re all better for it. Whether you’re interested in creating more powerful business ideas, honing your leadership skills, improving your relationships, or being a more capable change maker, I’m certain Simplify Your Why can help.

    Simplify Your Why takes an unconventional, intimate approach toward understanding the principles of emotional intelligence, dynamic communication, influencing others, problem solving and high energy relationships. No fluff. No gimmicks. No shortcuts. Just clear, concise ways of leveling up.

    I have seen ordinary people at the end of the Simplify Your Why Process develop profound insights and engage in a powerful process of transformation that helped them to emerge as someone larger, more expansive, and much more real than the small, separate selves they had previously taken themselves to be.


    My Promise To You.

    I'm glad you asked! The truth is, you gotta find something within.  And that's got to push you. And that's got to elevate you. And that's got to drive you. And that's got to move you. And when you find out what your why is - and your why is deeper than you, life changes. When you find your why, you find a way to make it happen.

    I've had plenty of opportunity to live my default life but that doesn't interest me. I don't have to tolerate the life I have, even if it's good. I want great, magnificent, and outstanding. I made a choice to live a remarkable life of my terms. Ultimately, this is a path that makes me a better leader and a more capable change maker. I don't have to settle and neither do you.

    Are You Ready For Change?