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What Will You Do Next? The Secret To Stop Wasting Time

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. Don't let the simplicity of this statement fool you into thinking it's just a clever play on words. The man who wrote those words had his first book rejected 39 times before it was published in 1975. Zig Ziglar's See You At The Top, went on to sell over 1.6 million copies and is widely used by corporations, schools, government agencies, and correctional institutions-wherever motivation and self-improvement are major goals. The scariest part of an idea is starting because entrepreneurs like you dream big. You probably have a larger than life vision of your idea that seems almost impossible. The secret to turning the impossible into possible? You need an idea of where to start and what to focus on.

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Be Harsh, In The Interest Of Being Excellent

Do you ever feel like you're trying and trying and trying and nothing's happening? You feel like you're working so hard, putting in the time, making a heroic effort, and yet, you're not seeing results. Part of why it takes so long for change to happen is avoidance of facing the harshness of the present moment. The feelings that swirl around when you give it your all, but don't see results is soul-crushing. It's like wolves eating and spitting out the bones in the midst of a feeding frenzy. Not as violent, but just as raw.

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How To Get Everything You Want In Life (By Working Less)

You can achieve more while working less. But to make that possible, you have to make sure that the less you do matters more.

Every year has an inescapable date that carries a not-so-subtle reminder that life is going fast and you're one year older. And in a society that's driven by speed and doing, life begins to blur as we mistake busyness for importance. We forget what it's like to sit in peace, without chasing down our next project, idea, or task someone needs from us.

We look at someone with a bursting-at-the-seams schedule and assume they're thriving. But are they really?

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Change Or Die

What if this was posed to you as an actual question with real consequences? Change or die. I'm not talking about the emotional pull or feelings of a finite life that comes from watching a Pixar movie. You walk away, changed for a day or afternoon or at least until you fall back into your old routine. I'm talking about actual life and death. One day you're laughing, living, breathing, and the next, blackness. Does it feel like a no brainer?

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How To Hit Reset And Design The Life You Want

The ability to tap into hyper-connected devices has led to many of us feeling like we've lost the ability to step away from work. A dangerous belief to adopt as a recent Fast Company article alluded that, more young people are defining themselves by what they do–and who they work for. Work has become the millennial religion of choice. If you're not working, who the hell are you?

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