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You Don't Need Goals When You're Driven By Vision

When you're in alignment with your why, other opportunities will come along. Sometimes it feels like you're making a sacrifice but it actually becomes a better set up for success. Crafting a vision lets you peer beyond the horizon so you see that wherever you’re at, what’s more important is who you can become, rather than who you currently are.

Fire and brimstone won't stop my morning ritual. I have an obsessive desire to grasp back control of my time, day-by-day, hour-by-hour. When anxiety throws jabs, it's a reminder that I'm focused on the worries of the future. While I'm not able to predict the future, I can ease the mind by living in day-tight compartments. I know what’s on the other side of the horizon. When I own the day, I own my life.

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How To Uncover Your Limiting Beliefs And Live An Unmistakable Life

I decided in my late twenties that I needed to re-shape some of my limiting beliefs. One in particular had floated above my head like a dark cloud. I adopted a limiting belief early on that I was a horrible student because I thought tests reflected my capability. I carried this ass-backwards limiting belief through high school, college and into university. The mere mention of a test still takes a toll on my sanity. But now I know why and what can be done do to uncover your limiting beliefs so you can live an unmistakable life.

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What Everybody Ought To Know About Failure

There is an unruly two-year-old creative inside all of us. Mine pushes me to write and reflect on the chaos of my merry-go-round of thoughts. I'm like anyone else, there's no real rhyme or reason to what I'm thinking at times. I'll beat myself up, struggle with unrealistic expectations and worry that I'm a failure. I hadn't realized this internal battle happens to everyone who identifies as human until I started opening up.

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I Know Why You Want To Quit Your Job. Do You?

I know the exact moment I felt I could be a father. I was reading an article in GQ by author Michael Chabon. A think piece on the art and craft of writing. It sparks the thought, is fatherhood the enemy of an illustrious career? A great writer told Michael, “Don't have children.” Each one represents a novel you'll never publish. Chabon clearly ignored his advice, a father of four. He defied all odds, introducing 14 books to the world. What you’re looking for might not involve quitting your job after all.

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